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Dieter Roth

Holzwarth Publications
Dieter Roth & Dorothy Iannone

Deep in the heart of my loneliness, I think of the art of my lioness.î German Fluxus artist Dieter Rothís enigmatic (and sometimes singsong) mail art for his lover, the artist Dorothy Iannone, was matched only by her responses and the sexually loaded non-mailable art she made featuring the two of them. Roth and Iannone met in 1967, broke up in 1974, and remained friends and lively correspondents until Rothís death. He painted over and dimmed the subjects of postcard photos to make himself the central figure; she needed no prompting to cast him in a starring role in her autobiographically based oeuvre. From ìmy dear old baby, will you please bring this check to the bank so we have some money when I come back,î to ìremember me?î they were a fascinating couple; now readers can encounter that passion themselves.

Daily Mirror, 1961; Artist's Book, 2 cm x 2 cm.

Dieter Roth ( 1930- 1998) fue un artista suizo-alemán conocido por realizar obras con productos alimenticios en descomposición. También es conocido como Dieter Rot y Diter Rot.

El trasfondo oscuro, la energía obsesiva por su trabajo, le separaba de muchos de los artistas Fluxus.

Insel, 1968; foodstuffs, including yoghurt, and screw and wire on blue panel, covered in plaster and left to rot.

Rabbit-Shit-Rabbit, 1972; Edition of 250.

Picadilly Circus, 1969; From the portfolio Untitled (Five Overpainted Picadilly Prints).

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