jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009


Sally Mann es una fotógrafa estadounidense nacida el 1 de mayo de 1951 en Lexington (Virginia)

Sally Mann was born in Lexington, Virginia where she now lives with her family. After attending the Putney School in Vermont where she studied photography, Mann spent two years at Bennington College where she met and married Larry Mann and then got her degree in writing from Hollins College. Mann uses a one-hundred year old 8" x 10" camera which produces photographs much like those past, haunting, and even mystical photographs associated with the Victorian era. Her photographs seem to always tell a story or produce a thought.
Mann is most well known for her series "Immediate Family" which is a collection, or a collage, of images of her three children. Often peaceful or silent, the images seem simple in compostition and yet an emormous sense of creativity and life radiates from each photograph, leaving the viewer to make up his or her own story.

Other works which Mann has put together include "Still Time", "Dream Sequences", "Landscapes", "At Twelve", and "Portraits of Women, 1976-77".


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