sábado, 21 de febrero de 2009

Patrick Saytour

Patrick Saytour was among the artist of Supports / Surfaces the one who has best specified this theatrical situation of work doing each one of his works a parody of the representation and represented thing disorientating the audience, i.e. perverting the viewpoint of sight and of theatre that the classical pictorial composition and painting like a window cutting out a veduta - a view- organize.
Headings deliberately “solemn” of his last series of works allocate them, moreover, with the register of the allegory: Les Célébrations, Les Anniversaires, Les Trophées.
Degrading titles as Les torchons or Les épaves (1) group together fragments of Linoleum, Balatum, Isorel, cut out like off-cuts, kinds of scraps of industrialized manufacture, laid out on the wall in a learned, methodical and random composition.
These productions, in which each cut out component is placed to play its part, parody obviously the Matisse’s cut out papers.
As for Trophées which superimpose in clusters - “en vrac” as says the artist - similar pieces, then suspended to the wall, they exposed themselves like ironic despondency, cubists’s collages and assemblages and corrections of the still readable gestuality of Nouveaux Réalistes’ works.

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